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Little Flutters Lead Me Home

Little Flutters Lead Me Home

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When life upends Jade's world, an extraordinary gift emerges—an intuition guiding her like a gentle flutter of wings. As she delves deeper into this inner voice, she discovers the courage to embrace turbulence and pursue her true purpose. Set against poignant moments, "Little Flutters Lead Me Home" explores the complexity of relationships, reminding us of love's power to heal as Jade's journey reflects our own pursuit of meaning. This enthralling page-turner, dancing effortlessly between heartbreak and hope, will leave you inspired by the triumphant resilience of the human spirit.

Customer Reviews

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Meranda Bryant
A Heart-Warming Story

An easy read dealing with a young lady’s journey and self-discovery. This book is relatable, heart-warming, and hard to put down to pick up later

Tanya (@your_beautifulguru)
Captivating, Intriguing and Relatable

It's always great to come across a book that resonates with you on a personal level. "Little Flutters Lead Me Home" seems to have done just that for you. The themes of love and loss are universal and timeless. The author's ability to navigate these themes in a way that feels fresh and authentic is a testament to their skill as a writer.
I found "Little Flutters Lead Me Home" to be a captivating and relatable read. The book's collection of short stories were particularly enjoyable, and I appreciated the themes of love, loss, and mindfulness that the author explored throughout.
Definitely recommended.

Angel Rodriguez

This is a great story. I loved the packaging and gift too

Tatiana Ortiz
Behati Blend Starter Set

This set was great! The glass infused bottle is super cute and perfect for on the go! The teas were amazing and fresh! My favorite was the Tutti Fruity!

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