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Community Standards

Respect is not optional.

This is a safe, judgment-free space for anyone seeking to better themselves, embrace their authenticity, and unlock their full potential. When you join our community, you'll be surrounded by compassionate souls who understand the journey is not always linear.

We believe in the ripple effects of women guiding each other with empathy, vulnerability, and unconditional support. Together, we can rise.

Our community fosters open and thoughtful dialogue on all aspects of life, from mindfulness and self-care to relationships, family, and pursuing your purpose. This is a place to give and receive wisdom free of negativity or toxicity.

Specifically, we will not tolerate hate, intolerance, harassment, or bullying of any kind. Our core values are respect, understanding, and nurturing growth through sisterhood.


Our community thrives on the principles of trust, confidentiality, and respect. We understand that for many ascenders, our virtual workshops and circles provide a uniquely intimate and vulnerable space to share, reflect, and support one another.

To honor the sacredness of these sessions, we ask that you help us maintain complete privacy around the conversations had, stories told, and breakthroughs witnessed. The courage and openness of our community relies on discretion.

While we encourage you to apply the lessons and insights from our sessions, we prohibit sharing direct quotes, screen recordings, or comments without consent. Our sisterhood flourishes in an environment where we can spread our wings without fear of exposure.

By protecting each other's privacy as you would expect others to protect yours, our ascenders feel free to embark on their self-growth journey with the compassionate backing of the community. We rise higher together when confidentiality underpins our bond.
The wisdom you gain is yours to keep and integrate.

You are not alone.

One of the most valuable resources our community offers is the opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with our mentors. These sessions provide a safe, judgement-free space to unpack anything on your mind

- from achieving goals and nurturing creativity to relationships, mindfulness, and more.

Our mentors have a wealth of experience and are trained in compassionate, active listening. They are here to guide you with empathy, not give unwanted advice. This is your space to be heard and gain clarity.

You can schedule a private mentoring session for any reason, big or small. Many find it helpful to talk through challenges, lessons learned, growth opportunities, or simply have someone witness their evolution. Our mentors cherish these conversations.

We encourage you to take advantage of this offering whenever the need arises. Just go to the 'shop' tab, and click "dive deeper"

You are worthy of being truly seen and supported. We can't wait to listen and elevate you on your journey.