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Does life feel too busy or stressful? Or maybe a little boring? We want to help you feel peaceful and sure of yourself. We'll help you get rid of what's holding you back. We'll help you grow into a happier person who sees the good in life. With our help, you can change your thinking to be more positive.

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Evolution Awaits - AHY Disclaimer

Notice: Our services are for personal growth purposes only and do not replace therapy or professional counseling. Though not licensed psychologists, our mentors draw on years of lived experience, mentorship training, and evidence-based tools to compassionately guide you on your self-improvement journey should you choose to voluntarily participate. While we cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions, our programs have assisted many people in building emotional resiliency, discovering greater self-awareness, and setting healthy life goals. We believe wellness requires personal wisdom and choices, not just professional fixes. Our reasonable rates offer access for those seeking caring accountability and motivation outside traditional channels. You remain fully responsible for your wellbeing. Please consult a doctor or licensed therapist if needing clinical treatment or medical advice.

We assume no liability or responsibility for any risks, expenses, or outcomes incurred by customers as a result of their decisions relating to our products or services. It is the customer's sole responsibility to evaluate their own circumstances in determining whether to work with us. If you require licensed professional assistance, please consult an appropriate expert.


Our community wants to help people be the best they can be. We help you understand yourself and grow as a person. We teach being present and focused. This helps you create positive change in your life. When you make these changes, it spreads to others too. It's like throwing a pebble in water - the ripples spread outward. You can create ripples of good.


We imagine a world where people are mindful, caring, and help each other. We want to create a big community of people working on themselves. When you make positive changes in yourself, it affects others. More people will be understanding, friendly, and make the world better. If we all grow together, we can create a peaceful world.


Jacqueline is a yogini, meditation guide, and innovative thinker. Her transformational teachings have the potential to positively impact millions globally. Her approach is non-dogmatic, offering proven self-development methods without adhering to any one belief system. Dedicated to furthering humanity's spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing, Jacqueline has an extraordinary clarity of insight. This allows her to provide intriguing, challenging perspectives that surprise and inspire all who encounter her teachings. She empowers people to view life through an expanded lens of understanding.