Conquering Fears and Crushing Goals: My New Year Evolution

Conquering Fears and Crushing Goals: My New Year Evolution

Conquering Fears and Crushing Goals: My New Year Evolution

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The ball has dropped, the champagne bottles emptied, and the confetti swept away. It’s January 6th, 2024 - the symbolic fresh start we all crave. (Can you believe it's already been nearly a whole week?) Now comes the real work: deciding who you want to become in this bright open space of a new year.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of playing small. This is the year I finally face down my fears and step into my goals with fierce intention. No more lingering on the sidelines of my own life. I’m determined to evolve into my best and bravest self.
Facing Fears for Growth

My first order of business is to confront the anxieties holding me back. I’m talking the nerves that flare up when opportunity comes knocking. The worries swirling before any brave act. That sudden overwhelming urge to say no thanks and retreat back to my comfortable cave.

Not this time! Research shows that leaning into our fears makes us MORE confident over time. Our comfort zones expand as we expose ourselves to what makes us nervous. While avoidance breeds more avoidance, facing fears leads to new levels of courage, resilience and self-trust.

You can do this too! Work on becoming more aware of yourself, crack the YOU code and things will begin falling into place as you like.

I've put together a 5 Day Mini Course to jumpstart this process. Click here to access it free. 

Crushing Goals with Support

Next I’m setting audacious goals around my personal growth, health, and making a bigger impact through my work. Things I would NEVER have put on a vision board before – becoming a speaker, hosting workshops, dropping significant weight (and keeping it off).

Why reach for more this year? Because for too long I’ve downplayed my own abilities and drowned out my bold voice. This diminishes us all, because we need what our talents have to offer. We need each other’s unique genius and heart.

I know pursuing big solo goals can feel daunting though. Which is why I’m so excited to have found the Ascenders community! It brings together goal-oriented people who are there to celebrate the small wins along the way.

Join the Ascenders! 

Maybe you resonate with my intentions for reinvention and self-evolution this year. If so, I would be honored to have you join the Ascenders community alongside me!

In this supportive space, we empower each other’s growth through:

🦋 Monthly private group zoom calls to discuss progress and obstacles (First community meeting Jan 26!) 
🦋 Advice and encouragement direct to your inbox via community newsletter

🦋 Social media quick chats via live stream

🦋 Tools and resources to support your journey (free and paid)

🦋 And we're still rolling out more....

Ready to conquer fears, crush goals, and ascend to your highest self in 2024? Click here to join the Ascenders for free! The first 10 people also get a free 15-minute clarity call with me to map out your goals for this momentous year ahead.

I can’t wait to evolve together! Comment below or shoot me DM @a_higher_you on IG if you have any other questions.

Wishing you incredible growth and daring adventures this year my friends,

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