Wrap Up 2023 On Purpose: Questions to Ask Before the Ball Drops

Wrap Up 2023 On Purpose: Questions to Ask Before the Ball Drops

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Is it just me, or are the years going by faster and FASTER? One of my grandmothers always says "If you have something to do you'd better do it, because time will pass you by!" - how right you are, granny. 

The year is coming to a close, but before we get swept up in the busyness of the holidays, now is an ideal time for review and reflection. Taking stock of the past 12 months and looking ahead allows us to end the year thoughtfully and start the new one purposefully. 

Here are some ways to reflect in December as you look back on your year:

1. Journaling (my favorite)

Journal prompts can spur introspection to uncover highlights, patterns and realizations:

  • What were my biggest accomplishments and wins this year? What obstacles did I overcome?
  • What new skills did I build or lessons did I learn? How did I grow?
  • What moments brought me the greatest joy or fulfillment?
  • What relationships or connections enriched my life recently?
  • What didn’t move forward the way I had hoped? What expectations did I have for this year that weren’t met? Why?
  • If I could talk to my January 2024 self, what advice would I give to set myself up for more success?

Look for themes in your responses to inform you of possible goals. Also, celebrate what went well before diving into adjustments for next year. Give yourself a pat on the back for what you did RIGHT, instead of beating yourself up about what you think you did "wrong". 

2. Ask Self-Reflective Questions Beyond written exercises, ponder powerful reflection questions in quiet moments:

  • How did I grow this past year?
  • What mattered most to me?
  • Who did I become?
  • What do I want more or less of next year?
  • If nothing changes, where will I be in one year’s time? Is this what I want?

3. Review Calendars and Planning Documents
Scan through your calendar from this past year. What commitments, activities or priorities took up your time? Does this reflect what you want to be focusing on?

Similarly, pull up old goals, resolutions or plans. What progress did you make? What fell off? Ask why and consider how you can adjust accordingly.

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Pro TIP: Block time well before January (like now) to define aspirations for 2024 so you start the year proactively rather than waiting until you “fail” at resolutions again. As a former procrastinator, I've dropped the ball in this area many times before, but I've got an idea and some tools that will help make reaching your goals easier than you ever thought possible.

Tool number 1:

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Grab my free guide to begin setting better habits that stick! 

Do you remember the period in the evolution of technology, when we couldn't easily sync contacts and info to a new device? If someone messaged you, and you didn't have them saved, they'd get variation of the response "new phone, who dis?"

Well, 2024 is going to be that same way for you! I feel it! You will become so unrecognizable and new that re-introductions will be necessary.  

Tool number 2: Community

If you're interested in being a part of a community of women who are dedicated to becoming their very best self (regardless of your specific personal goals) and exchanging the energy of support along the journey..

Join our community of ascenders here

In this sacred space we teach, love, and inspire one another to greatness.

 Cheers to a new level and a new you!



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